Annual Animal Statistics

GCAO tracks the status of every pet using a nationally recognized standard. The data provides a detailed breakdown of the health and adoption status of every animal in our care.


Intake 2089

Adopt 700

RTO 611

Transfer 565

DOA 82

PTS 119

90.38% Save Rate

In 2017, GCAO adopted out 653 animals, transferred 565 animals to rescue, and returned 611 animals to their owners, with a 90.38% save rate.

Pets at GCAO remain available for adoption as long as necessary (sometimes six months or more), and are not euthanized for space reasons.

The save rate, calculated according to the nationally recognizedAsilomar Standard,reflects the many options for pets that come to the shelter besides adoption, such as animal transfers and animals who are returned to their owner. GCAO is confident in its adoption figures because staffers conduct monthly physical inventories and spot audits.

Link to Asilomar Records

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