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GCAO accepts animals from local Animal Control agencies and the public. We require an appointment to surrender any animal to our facility. This allows the Shelter Team the opportunity to make room for the incoming animal. Please note – GCAO accepts animals between the hours of 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. Please call ahead and make an appointment if you wish to surrender a pet.

GCAO requires a $25.00 surrender fee for each dog or cat over the age of 8 weeks. This fee covers the care of the animal while it is at our shelter. All animals are vaccinated at impound. In certain extenuating circumstances, the impound fee may be waived or reduced. Dependent on the health and/or behavior of the animal, the surrender fee may be greater than $25.00. Any deviation from the $25.00 surrender fee shall be at the discretion of the Shelter Administrator. We encourage owners of pets to place ads in local newspapers and to make every possible effort to rehome their pet before surrendering the animal to the shelter. These fees may vary in certain situations at the discretion of GCAO.

Any person surrendering an animal to our shelter must fill out a surrender form, an animal personality profile, and identify whether the animal is yours or not. We need as much information as possible on every animal coming into our shelter in order to give that animal every possible chance at finding a home.

We do NOT have to hold your pet for any specific length of time.

We CANNOT guarantee your pet will be adopted.

In situations where the safety of the public is concerned, or for medical reasons, we are a euthanizing facility. We do make every possible effort to find homes or rescues for every adoptable animal that comes into our facility.

We can not inform you of the final disposition of your pet, e.g. adopted, rescued or euthanized.

You cannot reclaim your pet without going through the adoption process and paying the applicable adoption fee.

If you find someone who wants your pet after it has been surrendered to our facility, that individual must go through the adoption process and pay the adoption fee.

Please make all efforts to keep your pet or find your pet a new home. Use an animal shelter as a last resort.

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