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1. I agree to the animal I adopt being sterlized prior to my taking the animal home. In the event the animal is too young or otherwise unable to be sterlized immediately, I agree to have the animal sterilized and understand that failure to comply with this requirement may result in seizure of the animal by GCAO or legal action. In the event of legal action, I agree to pay any and all attorney fees and costs and that venue shall be in Grant County, Washington.

2. I will hold Grant County Animal Outreach (GCAO) and the operating veterinarian, its employees and volunteers harmless and free from any liability should the animal become sick or die due to sterilization complications.

3. I understand that I am responsible for any and all veterinary expenses incurred, except for the sterilization surgery. I will have the animal vaccinated against diseases recommended by the veterinarian. I agree to return the animal immediately for an exchange to GCAO if it becomes ill within the first two(2) weeks after adoption. 4. I shall observe all local animal control and licensing ordinances. (License must be purchased within thirty(30) days of acquiring a new pet or by the time the animal is six(6) months of age.)

5. I shall provide sufficient food, water, shelter, veterinary care and humane treatment and companionship to the animal at all times.

6. I shall retrieve this animal from any animal shelter should be impounded and pay any associated fees or charges.

7. I shall not release this animal for research, study or experimentation.

8. I shall keep this animal in my possession and not sell, abandon or give it away. If, due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to keep the animal, I shall contact GCAO and return it GCAO. In the alternative, if I am able to find a suitable home for the animal, I will notify GCAO of the new owner's information. GCAO expects each companion animal that it places to maintain residence with the person who originally took responsibility for the animal.

9. I shall allow a GCAO representative to examine the animal and its living conditions and if either is found unsatisfactory, I will correct the situation or surrender the animal.

10. I am not adopting this animal for the sole purpose of being guard-dog and/or I agree this cat will have on-going human companionship.

11. I am not adopting this animal as a gift for another individual with the exeption of a member of my immediate family.

12. GCAO may refuse service to any person wanting to adopt an animal. I understand that NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

I hereby agree to abide by the above policies.
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